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Комікс англійською Wolverine TP Weapon X Unbound

Код: ENGCMX-07

(W/A) Various (CA) Marc Silvestri Wolverine returns to Weapon X! Determined to uncover the secrets of his past, Logan heads back to Canada with Jubilee - and tracks down the facility where his life was turned upside down! As suppressed memories begin bubbling to the surface, perhaps Professor X and Jean Grey can unlock the mysteries inside Wolverine' s head. Or does S. H. I. E. L. D. have the answers he seeks? Logan had better not get too close to the truth, or he' ll trigger the Weapon X fail-safe! Then, a close encounter with Mystique will take Wolverine to the end of time! It's claws versus blades when Shatterstar attacks! And Wolvie and Gambit must bail out Jubilee in Japan. Facing down the Hand, can Wolverine prevent another death in the family or will tragedy strike? The Larry Hama/Marc Silvestri run reaches its dramatic conclusion! Collecting WOLVERINE (1988) #47-57. Rated T+

Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Various,
Artist: Various,
Cover Artist: Silvestri, Marc
Page Count: 280
Product Code: OCT161032
ISBN: 9781302903886
Colors: Full Color

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