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Комікс англійською Age Of Ultron Marvel Vs Zombies TP

Код: ENGCMX-40
(W) James Robinson, Brian Michael Bendis (A) Steve Pugh, Bryan Hitch (CA) Carlos Pacheco There's a place so dangerous that it's walled off from the rest of Battleworld. A place where wild zombies feast on those who've been banished for crimes against the state - where cold, mechanical Ultrons destroy anything human. But as war rages between Ultron's robotic horde and the zombie masses, a small pocket of humanity must defend itself from both sides. Can Salvation - an oasis run by Jim Hammond, the Vision and Wonder Man - protect what little humanity resides in the 'Dead Zone'? And how will the Hank Pym of 1872 react when banished to this hellish landscape? Ultron is on the verge of a breakthrough that will shake the foundations of Battleworld - but whoever wins, we lose?unless Hank Pym can deliver us from evil! Collecting AGE of ULTRON VS. MARVEL ZOMBIES # 1-4 and AGE of ULTRON #1. Rated T+ Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Robinson, James
Artist: Pugh, Steve
Cover Artist: Pacheco, Carlos
Page Count: 128
Product Code: AUG150876
ISBN: 9780785198635
Colors: Full Color
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Виробник: DC Comics
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